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On behalf of BuyBay, Vindsubsidies has submitted grant applications for projects in which services have been developed based on innovative IT technology to create a sustainable and circular economy.
BuyBay contributes to this by offering IT innovations the opportunity to deal with returns in other ways. For these projects, Vindsubsidies has successfully submitted applications for the MIT R&D (via Stimulus / OP-South) and the competitive and prestigious EIC Accelerator program of the EU.
Retour Goederen Subsidie

Second life for returned goods

Within the project a sustainable end to end solution for reverse logistics is being developed: Receiving, Test & Grade, Refurb, Remarketing, Fulfillment.
This gives return goods from web shops such as Wehkamp and a second life.


Retour Zendingen Subsidies

Our contribution

Vindsubsidies wrote the application for the grant MIT R&D Feasibility projects.
In addition, Vindsubsidies supports the financial accountability and completion of the collaboration project in the project administration.

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Horizon 2020

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Tens of millions in MIT grants available for innovation and collaboration.

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