Vindsubsidies support sustainability. You too?

We encourage organizations to do business sustainably. We support with subsidies that make sustainable investments attractive. Vindsubsidies is also socially responsible itself. Think of electric driving, donations, sponsoring, rolling up your sleeves and bringing sustainability to the attention.

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Our vision on CSR

Every day we are committed to pushing boundaries. Also in the field of sustainability for the benefit of people and the environment. Since its inception, we have therefore placed high priority on CSR. For example, we take our responsibility for the effects of our business activities on people and the environment very seriously.

Our skilled employees are our most important asset

And that is why we take good care of our employees. We believe that we can only be successful if they enjoy going to work and get the best out of themselves. That is why we offer as many tools as possible to make this possible. Think of extra education and training, flexible working and, if necessary, adapted workplaces. We also encourage external events in which our employees participate and that contribute to a healthier and fitter life. Such as sporting events.

But also for our environment

But also for our environment. We support private, sporting and business projects, with or without compensation, where those projects have a positive impact on people and their environment. Our preference is for projects in the vicinity of our offices, so that we give something back to regional society.

Examples are:

  • Food banks
  • Sponsored walk Leo Club
  • Kamak Theater
  • Participant Stichting KIEMT
  • Partner Green Business Club Twente
  • Donations to charities


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Sustainability is of paramount importance

Vindsubsidies makes sustainability a top priority. This is how we do business ourselves in the most sustainable way possible. We furnish our offices with sustainable materials and, together with our employees, we combat waste of materials, but also of water and energy.
We help our customers find and use grants and tax schemes for sustainable investments and the generation of sustainable energy. We constantly bring these themes to the attention and thus encourage entrepreneurs and organizations to contribute to a better environment and climate. We point out how they can do this and what the reward is in return.
We communicate about the opportunities for energy and environmentally friendly investments and innovations through digital channels, as well as when we are present at important events, fairs and meetings.
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Across borders

And as an international company we do not only focus on the Netherlands. Projects and companies abroad also have our attention. We are involved in various social projects that contribute to a better society and climate in other European countries. In doing so, we stimulate cooperation across borders, between companies, but also together with public organizations and knowledge institutions.