Voorwaarden WBSO Regeling

Businesses eligible for WBSO tax credit

WBSO is available for all Dutch businesses focussed on innovation, renovation, and development. This includes start-ups, the self-employed, small to medium businesses, and multinationals. If your business meets these criteria, you are eligible to file for WBSO credit.

Start-ups are further rewarded through the special start-up deduction percentage of 40%, with a deduction for €13,360 per calendar year for the self-employed. Self-employed start-up business are even entitled to an extra €6,684 deduction, on the condition that at least 500 hours are spent on R&D annually.

Wat Levert WBSO Op

Projects eligible for WBSO grants

WBSO grants are available for various types of innovative projects. The act itself lists the following 3 categories:

  • Development projects – the development of new technical (components) of physical products and physical production processes
  • The development of new or improved programming (WBSO ICT)
  • Technological-scientific research (TWO)

Available WBSO funding

The budget for WBSO is € 1.336 billion in 2022. Applicants file for figures between some thousand to even hundreds of thousands of Euros. On average, businesses receive several tens of thousands of Euros in compensation for (wage) costs incurred through innovative projects thanks to WBSO.

Let Vindsubsidies help you

For over 25 years, grant consultancy firm Vindsubsidies has been helping innovative and sustainable businesses find and secure appropriate grants and financing. This means we have extensive experience with WBSO grants as well. We offer full care in terms of admin and financial accounting, and function as contact for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. For more information about our services, have a look at the advantages of applying for a WBSO grant via Vindsubsidies.

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