The IT sector team

The IT sector team helps companies, governments and knowledge institutions to push boundaries. The team consists of grant consultants who have extensive experience in academic positions, in government and in consultancy. Their expertise encompasses all relevant grant programs in this domain and is combined with knowledge of policy and developments in the field of IT.

IT Subsidie Aanvragen

Applying for an IT grant takes little time for you

We completely unburden you when using grants. Often a conversation of 1-2 hours is enough to know exactly what you are developing, what your market is and what future developments are. Our consultants use this to write a grant application that describes exactly what you will develop in the coming months, but we also ensure that any future side steps also fit within the grant.
The draft application will be reviewed by you. If a lot has changed or something is unclear, we will discuss the application together. The result is an application with a good chance of success that exactly matches your developments.
Het Schrijven Van Een IT Subsidieaanvraag

Writing an IT grant application is teamwork

After the conversation with 1 or 2 consultants, they draw up a draft application. This is discussed internally with colleagues and is refined into a good application.
Additional research can also be done into the techniques used to explain the innovativeness as well as possible. With this we ensure good quality, but we also ensure knowledge sharing within the team.
Optimaal Gebruik Maken WBSO IT

Making optimal use of the WBSO IT

Because we understand what you do, we make connections between the technology of different projects. As a result, the requests are drawn from the technical development that are often used for multiple target groups or customer projects.
The application is specific to technology, but broad in the applications of the technology. This makes it easy to connect to the administration and you are flexible for the future. We also look together at various ways to further optimize the WBSO. For example, by screening all employee profiles for an optimal hour estimate, or by providing advice on the company structure for optimizing grants.

Other IT subsidies also in the picture

WBSO is often the starting point for grants. Through periodic conversations, our consultants know which way your company is going. In internal knowledge sessions we discuss all projects for grant possibilities. This also involves specialists in other fields such as EU, Life, Sciences & Health, Public or Energy.

Together with you we make a plan which grants can be interesting and what is needed for this. We often also draw up a grants roadmap for the coming years. With this we try to support your growth with the best suitable grants.

Due to the various specializations that we have at Vindsubsidies, sometimes unexpected projects are created. Water boards that want to start an innovation project but are still looking for an IT service provider, or participate as an IT developer in a consortium led by a municipality. We also try to establish links between companies and projects.

We help IT companies to grow with subsidies

  • We ensure that your growth is supported by grants.
  • In the initial phase, much use is made of the WBSO and, for example, an MIT Feasibility.
  • In the growth phase, we look for other options such as grants for collaborations. This can be the MIT R&D collaboration for national collaboration, but also Eurostars or Fast Track to Innovation for international collaboration, for example.
  • In further (international) upscaling, we look at grant programs such as H2020 EIC Accelerator or DHI.
  • This way, the grants grow with your company and you can be sure that you do not miss any opportunities.


Brain Science Tools

Brain Science Tools en Braincarta vroegen subsidie aan voor hun gezamenlijke innovatieproject.

BuyBay – MIT R&D/ Horizon 2020/ EIC Accelerator

MIT R&D Collaborative projects - Reverse logistics BuyBay & project partners.

ICT Group - WBSO

ICT Group bestaat uit een aantal losse bedrijven waaronder ICT Netherlands, Intraffic en OrangeNXT.

TOPIC Healthcare Solutions - WBSO

TOPIC Healthcare Solutions ontwikkelt technologische oplossingen voor de medische wereld.

Interesting grants

Wbso Subsidie Regeling

WBSO R&D tax credit

WBSO partly reimburses the costs of R&D projects for entrepreneurs engaged in innovation.

Mkb Innovatiestimulering Topsectoren


Tens of millions in MIT grants available for innovation and collaboration.