Organiseren Eu Wise Ontwerp Ateliers

Organizing EU WISE Design Ateliers

Holding several design sessions in which a project idea will be translated into an actual EU application.

Furthermore, partner search is applied to find the right organizations that provide added value to the to-be-developed project consortium.



Ondersteunen Bij Het Schrijven Van Europese Aanvragen

Supporting writing EU grant applications

Our experienced EU consultants support writing the European application to make sure it fits all regulations and international rules and laws.

We take care of a competitive and powerful application, that is timely submitted. We also monitor the evaluation and maintain contact with the evaluators from the EC of Agencies in the Netherlands.



Financieel En Inhoudelijk Projectmanagement

Carrying out financial and substantive project management

We structure the project administration and carry out financial and substantive project management.

We are experienced in the management of received subsidies but also in program leadership of programs that are executed by the municipality or the province.