Get a grip on your subsidy administration

Many organisations deal with subsidy administration. If this only relates to one project, then it is manageable, but as soon as you have several projects running, having an overview is important. Which different subsidy flows do we have and which accountability moments are coming up? In addition, it is important to know the current status, such as the number of ongoing subsidies, how many payments have been made and how much has been awarded or rejected each year. Often, this information is not kept centrally.

Subsidy Tracking System-IN (SVS-IN)

With SVS-IN, you keep all subsidy administration centralised. It is a unique, user-friendly and web-based subsidy management portal, giving your organisation a grip on the total process for incoming subsidies. SVS-IN provides a clear picture of all requested, awarded and ongoing subsidies. At a glance, you can see how many subsidies have been applied for, when they should be paid out, what percentage of this is European money, for example, and which tasks need to be carried out. In addition, you will receive automatic notifications about important information on subsidy results and milestones in the subsidy process. So you never have to worry about your subsidy administration again.

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SVS-UIT supports applicants and practitioners and provides them with an application and treatment portal.

Subsidy database

With the subsidy database, you can search for which grant program best suits you.

Subsidy counters

Provides residents, foundations, business owners and members with access to the latest grant news and current grant programs.