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Making a building more sustainable, developing an innovative product or carrying out a social project requires investment. There are thousands of regional, national and European subsidies available for these investments. However, you need to know which subsidies are available, what the conditions are and what the deadlines are. The moment you have a small clear project, you can do a targeted search and find information. If it gets bigger or if you have several projects, it often becomes more complex. At that point, you want an overview, you don't want to miss out on subsidy opportunities and you don't want to make mistakes and run the risk of having to pay back subsidies you have received.

You may also be a subsidy provider, which also requires good administration and insight. Who applies for what, does he or she meet the conditions and what are the deadlines, so that you too can properly ensure that the subsidies awarded are justified and correct.

In short, whether you receive or provide subsidies, you need insight into what subsidies are available and what the conditions and deadlines are, and you want a good administrative system that works easily and clearly. To help you with this, we have developed a package of digital services in addition to our consultancy. For finding subsidies, we have the subsidy database. If you have applied for a subsidy, the Subsidy Tracking System-IN can help you with the administration. For keeping track of all outgoing subsidies, we have the Subsidy Tracking System-OUT, to keep an overview. There is also a digital counter available where you, as a subsidy provider, can offer insight into which subsidies you provide.

Want to learn more about our digital services, try it out for yourself, or take a look together with your colleagues to see if this is the solution you are looking for? You can! We will gladly explain it to you or let you experience it yourself. We do this by giving no-obligation demos (online or on location) or a free trial.

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Subsidy database

With the subsidy database, you can search for which grant program best suits you.


SVS-UIT supports applicants and practitioners and provides them with an application and treatment portal.


SVS-IN provides a clear picture of all requested, awarded and ongoing subsidies within your organization.

Subsidy counters

Provides residents, foundations, business owners and members with access to the latest grant news and current grant programs.

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