Trainingen En Werksessies

Training, on location or in house

Vindsubsidies offers a selection of one- and two-day (in-house) training programmes: Starting with subsidies, Subsidy coordination for municipalities, How to write an effective subsidy application, Effectively acquiring European subsidies and Tailor-made training programmes.


Standard training Starting with subsidies: We see that many municipalities wish to raise awareness of subsidies within their organisation and offer their employees guidance with regard to the subsidy acquisition process. We can effectively assist a municipality with this by offering one of our standard training programmes. After completing this one-day programme, you will possess a basic foundation of knowledge to:

  • Effectively organise your subsidy acquisition process;
  • Identify subsidy options;
  • Draw up a distinctive project proposal and subsidy application;
  • Correctly manage subsidy projects.

Tailor-made training:

During a tailor-made training, we explore the subject matter in greater detail and focus on e.g. a specific scheme. We go over the dos and don'ts and discuss what steps must be taken to make your application a success.

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A quartermaster works on behalf of an organization in (usually) the public sector.