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  • 7.1% of all EU babies born preterm. Preterm birth is the major cause (63%) of child mortality and morbidity in the EU.

  • Surviving preterm infants face increased risks to develop physical and cognitive problems in later life.

  • Drugs to suppress preterm delivery are available but only work when given at the right time.


  • Develop an early warning system as a solution to the aforementioned healthcare challenge

  • A monitoring device to measure uterine contractions (separate them from ‘false alarms’) allowing proper drug administration.

  • The consortium already successfully developed a statistic model in earlier (EU-funded) research, ready to be valorized into a working prototype device.
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  • Allow doctors to remotely monitor pregnancies and respond to early warnings of preterm birth.

  • Once a real-time and validated warning is given, medical treatment can be provided to suppress labor and delay it up to 7 days.

  • With 7 extra days of gestation, risks of mortality and morbidity will drop significantly, hence saving lives

  • Innovative health care solutions in this field have the potential to save € 4.8 billion in the EU alone.

  • This solution is expected to save at least €6,4 million within 5 years, selling 1,700 systems, helping 6,400 pregnancies.

  • Collaboration with a (large) OEM for mass manufacturing is expected to multiply this number several times.

The collaboration shows that research knowledge can be valorized and applied in industrial products with life saving impact

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