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Revolution in the transport management market

Simacan wants to make companies involved in the transport of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) more successful. It develops an open and vendor-independent cloud platform for digital collaboration. An ecosystem where retailers, transportation companies and technology partners connect and share live planning information, expected and actual arrival times, destinations, routing, truck position and freight data.
In addition, real-time information about traffic, congestion, road closures, window times and emission zones is integrated and processed by smart algorithms. This ensures continuous transparency and a joint overview for all stakeholders in the supply chain and greatly improves the operational efficiency of transport processes.
In recent years, Simacan's solution has revolutionized the Dutch market for transport management of fast moving consumer goods. Leading transport companies and retailers such as Ahold-Delhaize, PostNL and Jumbo have become users. The company is ready to spread its wings abroad.
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Our contribution

After Vindsubsidies successfully supported Simacan in various national grant schemes, in 2019 we helped Simacan acquire European grants to take the next big step and to internationalize. A Horizon 2020 project proposal has been developed and submitted under the name Simacan LINK. The European Commission recognized the value of Simacan's proposal and selected our proposal from more than 2000 applications. A grant of more than € 2.3 million has been awarded with which Simacan can accelerate developments and scale up its platform to a European Connected Transport Platform. It will help Simacan to become a European player while increasing the efficiency and sustainability of European freight transport in the market for fast moving consumer goods.
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Horizon 2020

The framework program for Research and Innovation in Europe with a size of almost € 80 billion.

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