Gemeente Aalten

Municipality of Aalten

Romie Wisselink has been working as grants coordinator at the municipality of Aalten for a year now. She is responsible for keeping an eye on relevant subsidies, keeping the subsidy administration up to date, helping colleagues to remember deadlines and making quick scans for new projects.

To do this efficiently, she uses the Vindsubsidies subsidy database. By using the subsidy database, she can easily find opportunities for a project and receives a weekly newsletter with changes relevant to the municipality of Aalten. "Working with the grant database has made my job easier. It is my first source for grants and schemes." said Wisselink. The funding scheme for the reception of displaced persons Ukraine, is a good example where the subsidy database has been a success for the municipality of Aalten. "I was able to point this out to my colleagues, which we then successfully applied for and received. I would therefore recommend the database to other municipalities. Having all information on relevant regulations in one place definitely has added value."

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Are you a grant professional? Then you are probably familiar with the enormous amount of changes and new subsidies that are added every day. Our subsidy database keeps you informed of all changes in subsidies and new subsidies on a daily basis. Several municipalities already use the database, including the municipality of Almere. Find out how they experience the subsidy database.

Subsidy database

With the subsidy database, you can search for which grant program best suits you.

Database - Municipality of Apeldoorn

Adriaan Hellemans has been active in the subsidy landscape since 2006 and currently works as a strategic subsidy advisor for the municipality of Apeldoorn.

Database - Municipality of Almere

Jan Kuit works as grants coordinator for the municipality of Almere. He is responsible for the formation of projects.