We are proud to announce a wonderful partnership!

Vindsubsidies has entered into a partnership with subsidy consultancy TRIAS and Subsidievolgsysteem.nl. TRIAS will join the full-service approach of Vindsubsidies. Subsidievolgsysteem.nl will continue as a digital service and makes for a logical addition to the digital portfolio of Vindsubsidies.

Director Henk Heerink: “Following the recent integrations of Boonstoppel and Knippenborg, which have particularly nice synergy benefits with our NL, EU, Fiscal and Investment teams, TRIAS fits seamlessly with the Database and Public teams. This collaboration fits perfectly into the digitisation that we have already initiated. Our subsidy database is the largest in the Netherlands. With the addition of Subsidievolgsysteem.nl, our customers can now fully track and record current applications in addition to having insight into and about grants”. You can find more information about this here.

With the addition of Trias' customer portfolio, in the private and public sectors, we are further expanding towards the south of the Netherlands. TRIAS is also a full-service agency that has offered a total package of services for nearly 25 years. Customers will continue to be optimally served with even more knowledge and specialisation. According to Ron Coenen, director of TRIAS, the business philosophy and ambition of Vindsubsidies are a perfect fit: “For our customers and future customers, we can get a lot of synergy from this partnership and make our business even more future proof. We are now expanding our team to more than 100 advisors. The extensive experience and ambitions, including in the digital field, makes me very confident about the future”. Henk agrees: “Our growth is good for both our customers and our employees, allowing us to get more synergy from our experience. We also invest in systems that make things easier for our customers. We believe it is important to be a good employer and for our employees to continuously develop themselves. This can be done through training and knowledge exchange, and this partnership brings in another nearly 25 years of experience. So we are very pleased that Ron will be staying on as the person ultimately responsible for Subsidievolgsysteem.nl”.

About Vindsubsidies

Vindsubsidies, founded in 1997, is the only agency in the Netherlands to offer a full service - with consultancy and a range of online products, including the subsidy database - in the field of subsidies. This way, Vindsubsidies contributes to innovation, progress and sustainability within all sectors in the Netherlands and within (international) partnerships on a daily basis. Vindsubsidies employs only highly educated, specialised and experienced consultants in order to deliver the best quality in initiating and managing subsidy projects on a regional, national and European level. Vindsubsidies has offices in Utrecht, Deventer, Enschede, Druten, and now also in Venlo and Maastricht.

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Published on 15-07-2022