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What are the benefits of the EIA?

The arrangement offers a direct financial advantage for businesses investing in energy-efficient company assets and sustainable energy, with a deductible percentage of 45.5%.

The net advantage is up to 11.25% of the investment, and previous claims show that companies can claim figures ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand Euros via EIA.

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Prerequisites for EIA

This scheme is intended for businesses paying their income or corporate tax in the Netherlands.

To file for EIA, your business must meet these four conditions:

  1. The amount of energy investments is at least € 2,500 per asset.
  2. The asset is new and unused.
  3. The asset is listed on the Energy list, which can be found on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency
  4. Your business has not yet received an Environmental Investment Allowance for the same asset.

Categories eligible for EIA grants

The following categories are eligible for EIA grants:

  • Company assets found on the 2021 Energy list.
  • Company assets not found on the Energy list, but which are energy or fossil fuel-efficient, and achieve general standards.
  • Energy advice fees.

Available EIA funding

This year, the budget is € 147 million. If you want to apply for tax credit via EIA, then contact the RVO.

When to file for EIA

It is possible to file for EIA at any point in the year within 3 months of commissioning a sustainable investment.

For more information on EIA grants or for help with filing for an EIA grant, contact Vindsubsidies today!

Filing a generic EIA application

Filing for EIA based on a generic formula demands a great deal of knowledge of the arrangement, and of calculating energy-efficiency advantages based on investments in specific company assets or part of the production process. Vindsubsidies has grant subsidy experts skilled and knowledgeable in these processes.

EIA combined with other grants

EIA and regular investment deduction
Investing between € 2,300 and € 312,176 in a year? Then you may be entitled to the small-scale investment deduction. For more information, contact the Dutch tax authorities, or consult your accountant.

EIA and Milieu-investeringsaftrek (Environmental Investment Allowance)
Investments are not eligible for both EIA and MIA grants, which means a choice between the two, or a split into an EIA and an MIA component. This may be interesting for your project, because EIA offers greater advantages than MIA. Vindsubsidies can help you with advice specific to your situation.

EIA and Sustainable Energy Investment Subsidy (ISDE)
The Sustainable Energy Investment Subsidy (ISDE) arrangement lists certain company assets that are also found on the Energy list. However, company assets are not eligible for both arrangements simultaneously.

Let Vindsubsidies help you

Grant consultancy firm Vindsubsidies has over 20 years of experience in filing for subsidies and tax credits for sustainable investments. In recent years, sustainability and environmental awareness have been at the political forefront, resulting in a great number of financial supportive measures for use by businesses and society.

Vindsubsidies employs experts in all (tax) arrangement, including EIA, WBSO, MIA and MIT. Let us help you by:

  • Assessing your investment for grant eligibility
  • Provide calculations in case of demonstrable generic improvement.
  • Filing for a grant with RVO.
  • Taking the role of point of contact with RVO.
  • Administrative support.
  • An assigned consultant to support your business and employees.

Our service costs for securing grants

Vindsubsidies applies both hourly rates and a system of no cure, no pay – the latter meaning that we only get paid once you have received your subsidy. Our pay is based on a specific fee; contact Vindsubsidies for more information.

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