Horizon 2020 Projects Mkb Bedrijven

Review service

Our review service builds on our experience in developing successful grant proposals. We provide clear and concise feedback and propose easy-to-implement improvements to increase the competitiveness of the written grant application. The review can be carried out as an integral part of the development of a grant proposal or as a separate service.

Submitting the grant application

Submitting a grant application requires several administrative steps on the Eportal of the European Commission or decentralized grant agencies. We can take care of all related administrative work and submit the application in the systems of the grant provider.

Consortium Agreement

The consortium agreement / consortium agreement is concluded between participants in a project funded under European funding programs such as Horizon Europe to settle a number of issues that will or may arise during the project. During this campaign we support the candidate participants with our expertise.

Prepare signing Grant Agreement / Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement sets out the rights, obligations and conditions that apply to the grant awarded to the beneficiaries for the implementation of the project. Our experts can provide support in drawing up the grant agreement.



The European sector team

The Internationalization sector team helps companies, governments and knowledge institutions to push boundaries. The team consists of grant consultants who have extensive experience in academic positions, in government and in consultancy. Their expertise covers all relevant grant programs in this domain and is combined with knowledge of policy and developments in the field of Internationalization.

Interesting grants

Horizon 2020 SME Aanvraag

Horizon 2020

The framework program for Research and Innovation in Europe with a size of almost € 80 billion.

Interreg Subsidie


Interregional grant program to strengthen Europe and reduce economic disparities.

europa vlag


EUROSTARS is one of the most accessible European grants and has a high success rate.


4Silence – Horizon 2020 SME II

Traffic noise as the only environmental burden is a growing problem

BuyBay – MIT R&D/ Horizon 2020/ EIC Accelerator

MIT R&D Collaborative projects - Reverse logistics BuyBay & project partners.

Municipality of Zaanstad

Municipality of Zaanstad and cooperation partners receive a subsidy for the Interreg project.

Interreg INDU-ZERO

Project Interreg INDU-ZERO for innovative factory


Find grants supported SciSports with the MIT application for the BallJames collaborative project.


EFRO GUTS penvoerder TMSi. Consortium met St Maartenskliniek, Universiteit Twente, BardZO.

Taking a leading role in the development of large-scale CO2 utilization

Taking a leading role in the development of large-scale CO2 utilization

Voetencentrum Wender - EFRO

Penvoerder Voetencentrum Ed Wender. In consortium met Universiteit Twente, Saxion.

DPAW - Duwaal Proeftuin Alkmaar

Doel van de proeftuin is het aanbieden van een integraal waterstofconcept.

INTERREG NL - Vlaanderen: Tulyp Wind energie zonder grens

Interreg subsidie voor project rond hernieuwbare energie.

LightSense Cleanstate: Horizon EIC Accelerator

Product development of an innovative laser system for aesthetic dermatology.

Gemeente Haarlem – Subsidiecoördinator & EU WISE

Detachering subsidiecoördinator en EU WISE dienstverlening.

Innocore Technologies - EFRO

EFRO GUTS penvoerder TMSi. Consortium met St Maartenskliniek, Universiteit Twente, BardZO.

Amsterdam Green Campus – POP 3

Samenwerkingsproject voor teeloptimalisatie.