Eu Wise Kennissessies

EU WISE Knowledge sessions

Depending on the knowledge level of the organization we organize sessions to help catch up on the actual developments in Europe and the MFF and discuss the opportunities. This can take multiple forms, such as a lunch meeting, managerial session or a presentation to the Mayor and Aldermen.




Eu Subsidies Screening En Matching

EU grants: screening and matching

With a screening insight is provided into promising ideas, projects or developments. The match between municipal and/or provincial vision, ambitions, policies, and subsidy opportunities within the new MFF is presented.

Based on this we will create focus in the municipal or provincial ambitions and connect with future EU-programs and (policy) developments (such as Green Deal, European Urban Initiative, European Structure and Investments funds, and thematic funds such as LIFE and Horizon Europe).

The organization will receive a report with these conclusions, which we discuss in a presentation.


Eu Wise Quickscan

EU WISE Quickscan

With a quick scan we map in half a day how the organization is positioned in terms of European grants. We address topics such as: Does the organization already sue European grants and financing possibilities? Does the organization want to use European grants and financing possibilities from 2021 onwards? Is the municipal or provincial organization well prepared for this?

Result: a quickscan that addresses the most important aspects and improvement points for the organization if it wants to make better use of European grants and financing. We will plan a working session for this, and afterwards present our findings.


Eu Wise Update

EU WISE update

Comparable to the EU WISE knowledge sessions, but aimed at providing an update with regard to the MFF and other developments (for example Green Deal)

Also possible in lunch meeting form.



Eu Lobbyagenda En Eu Wervingsstrategie

Developing the EU lobby agenda and EU acquisition strategy

For a municipality or province it is important to develop a long term EU lobby agenda and strategy. An important aspect is the match between municipal or provincial ambitions and the MFF (in terms of investment priorities – first the general developments, later concrete programs and calls).

It is important to provide a clear profiling focus for the municipality or province. By working on profiling, European networks, knowledge exchange, and funding opportunities the municipality or province can make the most optimal usage of European possibilities.

The European lobby agenda is shaped together with the municipal or regional working groups. Engaging in European projects is often new for the region or the city, and has to be organized well. The challenge is to find a form that works well for the municipality, region or province, and to create a workable situation for everyone involved. We have developed a method for co-designing an EU lobby agenda and EU acquisition strategy. We will present this method, and – if so desired – can also implement it.