Millions available for funding 

Dutch companies and scientific organisations are doing well within the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) top sector. Every year many innovations are launched, and ground-breaking investigations and at the highest international level are carried out. The Dutch and European government make millions available through regional, national and international grants to support innovation and development within this top sector.

We are happy to think along with you as an ACE Incubator partner about funding options for your projects and investments. We’ve specialists in the field of high-tech innovation, technology, energy, sustainability, logistic, IT and life sciences and health. We work for large scale organisations, knowledge institutes, public organisations, multinationals and SMEs.

Our Life Sciences & health team

Our Life Sciences & Health team supports companies, healthcare institutions, research organisations and universities pushing their limits by performing innovative projects. We are convinced that the LSH sector plays a leading role plays in solving important ones and current social welfare challenges such as aging rising medical costs, solutions for degenerative diseases and the identification of bio-markers for the early ones diagnosis of serious diseases.

Our competences:

We are a values-driven organisation. Our values shape our culture and how we operate. Our core competencies underpin the work we do for our customers every day. We use them to assess your potential to be innovative

  ✓ Broad subsidy knowledge (such as WBSO, MIT, Eurostars, H2020, ERDF, ZonMW, COST and Interreg)

  ✓ Subject specific knowledge (such as protein research, immunology, oncology, healthy aging, mental health and regenerative medicine)   

  ✓ Intrinsically driven to contribute to projects that socially make a difference


Our clients Our customers share their experiences and success stories with their own words. Discover how our success has been achieved and how subsidies have played a role in this.


Mendelian is an innovative start-up with a mission to speed up the diagnosis of rare disease patients by developing intelligent diagnostic decision-making tools. For this, the Mendelian search engine was launched, where medical professionals receive a ranked list of rare diseases and causal genes based on the symptoms entered by a patient. Vindsubsidies has successfully supported Mendelian in applying for a grant for a PhD student.


Skytree has developed a Direct Air Capture technology that offers a highly effective way to filter ambient CO2 directly from the air. Skytree was rewarded for this innovation with a subsidy from the top sector grant programme MIT.

Brain Science Tools

Brain Science Tools specializes in neuroimaging and neuromodulation and makes use of the WBSO innovation grant. The company has also successfully applied for the MIT R&D Cooperation Projects with the help of Vindsubsidies.